Shave Inches off Your Body in Just a Few Weeks!

People concentrate so much on losing weight and how long it takes, that they completely forget about inches. Inches are so much more important than weight. Losing inches means you’re losing fat, which means you’re getting smaller regardless of what the scales say! That’s why I do not like weighing myself one bit (although I kind of have to now, as I’m competing next year!). If you’re dedicated and consistent enough, you can shave inches off your body in just a few weeks. Here’s how:

Exercise 4-6 Times Per Week

You need to get into a consistent routine with your exercise. A minimum of 4 times per week is recommended, but you can do it up to 6 times if you feel comfortable. The important thing is that you’re able to stick to it! You shouldn’t be in the gym for much longer than an hour either. If you are, you’re either having too much rest or working out too much.

Keep the Intensity High

Keep the intensity as high as possible. This means keeping your rest periods from 30 seconds – 1 minute and not letting your heart rate drop. Don’t mess around on your phone or talk to other people for too long. Get your workout done!


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Monitor Your Eating

You need to monitor your eating if you want to lose some inches. The goal isn’t to starve yourself, but to eat just enough to support your training. The things you should eat all depend on what your body responds to, so this could take some trial and error. Just know that you can’t really go wrong with whole foods!

Drink Lots of Water

3-4 litres of water per day will help you to flush out toxins and fat. Make sure you get used to drinking lots every day!

Start Monitoring Your Progress

Take pictures and measurements so you know what you’re losing week on week. If you don’t, you might feel like you’re not making changes when in fact you’re losing inches. You can weigh yourself too, but it isn’t the most important thing!

Visit a Salon or Clinic

Salons and clinics can sometimes offer treatments that can help with inch loss. This might be a simple massage, or something more complicated that helps to blast fat cells. Click here to see before and after Zeltiq coolsculpting treatment. You’ll be amazed at what they can do. Pair that with hard work and you’ll look amazing!

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up. Although this post mentions doing it in just a few weeks, if you want your results to last you can’t go back to the way you were before. You need to keep it up! You’ll get fitter, stronger, and better each week until you have your dream body.

Ready to shave inches off your body? Get to work now or you might regret it later on. The more of a habit you make it, the more you’ll enjoy it. It won’t even feel like work anymore!

How I Improved my Skin in Just a Week!

The other week, my skin was really getting on my nerves. I’ve never had bad skin in my life. When I was a teenager, it was normal. I would get the occasional big red spot, but nothing monumental. I never had full blown breakouts. For some reason, I’m 24 and my skin is worse than ever. How is this possible? Shouldn’t it be more mature by now? I’ve experienced full on breakouts and I now understand how your skin can make you feel insecure. But not to worry! I wouldn’t just accept that my skin was in this condition. I did a few things to combat it, and my skin improved in just a week. It really helped to smooth out my skin, brighten it, and even get rid of those pesky under the skin bumps. Take a look at how I did it:


I was that tired of the way my skin looked, I decided to go and have a microdermabrasion treatment. They usually recommend a course of treatments, but I haven’t booked in for another yet. Maybe after Christmas! Afterwards, my skin was quite red but that’s too be expected – the top layer of my skin had been exfoliated off. Microdermabrasion can help reduce the appearance of scarring, spots, and fine lines/wrinkles. It also helps products to absorb better into the skin.

Cleansing Twice a Day

I always cleansed after the gym, but I would usually skip the morning. Now I use a micellar water in the morning as it’s really gentle, and a foam wash in the evening after the gym. I try not to let the sweat stay on my skin for too long. I use my Foreo Luna mini with my foaming wash, which I love.


A Good Toner

You can’t go wrong with a good toner to freshen your skin up. I have two, one containing glycolic acid and another that marketed as tea tree water with other essential oils. Both are great, but the one with glycolic acid is stronger. It can help to exfoliate your face and brighten it up, but you need to stay out of the sun afterwards. I decide which to use depending on how bad my skin is.

Face Masks

A good face mask is a must for use up to twice a week. Sometimes, I even dot it on spots that have popped up to get them to go down overnight.


I feel like serum has been the piece de resistance that helped my skin to get better. I started using it twice a day. Once after my evening cleanse and once in the morning. You can find all kinds of serums, so it depends on your skin type. They are definitely worth investing in though, for uniquely pure anti aging skincare.

Day/Night Cream

One mistake I was making was failing to moisturise. I didn’t want to add more moisture to my skin when it was so spotty. But I was actually encouraging my skin to create more sebum after toning, which was then creating more spots. It was a vicious cycle! I’ve started using a nice day and night cream now, and my spots have completely disappeared.

My skin has gone from the worst it’s ever been to the best it’s ever been in just a week. Try it and see for yourself!