6 Ways To Drink Yourself To Good Health – Wine Included!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust these crazy fad diets that float around the internet. I don’t care if Jennifer Aniston (god love her) is eating nothing but watercress and chia seeds, I’m not doing it! The key to good health is a simple balanced diet. It’s not hard, you eat your fruit and vegetables and try really hard to avoid cravings! Personally, I swear by the power of green tea. This got me thinking, what other drinks are great for your health? After a little research, here’s what I found out:


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  1. Water – Water is pretty much the best thing you can put in your body. It’s natural, cleansing and full of the good stuff. It clears your skin, helps your digestive system and keeps your body in good working order. It all got a bit controversial a few years ago when models revealed they were drinking over ten pints of water a day. This is too much, guys! Experts recommend about 2 litres (about four pints) a day, aim for that.
  2. Green Tea – I was sceptical about the green tea debate a few years back, but it really works. It’s packed full of antioxidants and it’s great for digestive health. More importantly, experts say it can reduce the risk of heart disease and even the ‘big C’. If you’re not a fan of the taste, try mint tea instead; it’s fantastic for helping you fall asleep.
  3. Low Fat/Coconut Milk  - So many people cut out milk and dairy when they’re dieting, but this isn’t always necessary. Some say that a small amount of dairy, especially low fat milk, can actually encourage weight loss. Your body actively starts burning the dairy fat rather than carbs. Milk is also packed full of calcium which is great for bones and body repairs. If you bloat when you consume dairy, coconut milk is a fab alternative!
  4. Alcohol (well, sort of) - Most experts say that a glass of wine per day is actually good for you. And who are we to argue? Obviously, if you overdo it on the alcohol, your health will suffer, so take care. When you’re planning your next night out, try to seek out low calorie cocktails, or have my favourite; vodka with slimline tonic! You can have a great night and stay healthy.
  5. Tomato Juice – Tomato juice is full of fibre. That makes it amazing for our digestive health. It cleans out our insides and keeps us healthy. That’s not all though. Doctors say it has all manner of other health benefits. It can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and reduce stress. It strengthens bones, cleans skin and keeps hair healthy. Wow. Bloody Mary anyone?
  6. Smoothies and fruit juice – I know, I know, people have been raving about smoothies for years. They are fantastic, but in moderation. Naturally, they have all the goodness and vitamins of fruit. Unfortunately, they also have all the sugars. Sugar from fruit can still be as bad as sugar from confectionery! Too many smoothies can cause tooth decay and increase weight, so be careful. The same goes for fruit juice. One glass a day is all you need to up your fruit portions and stay healthy, so try to stick to that.

Who needs crazy diets? All you need is your favourite tipple with a coconut milk chaser! Stay healthy!

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My Favourite Ring Styling Tips

Someone once told me that magpies like shiny things. I’m not sure how true that is, but ever since I’ve heard it I’ve said I’m a bit like a magpie. I like shiny things. I’m not talking tinfoil and sky satellite dishes here; I’m talking rings. I seem to own more rings than any other piece of jewellery. I have a few pairs of earrings, a couple of charm bracelets and a watch. But I’ve lost count of my rings. I used to wear just one, but since my collection has grown I like to mix them up and style them with a bit more flair. I probably look like a bit of a gypsy to some people, but I don’t see anything wrong with that! Here are some of my favourite tips:

Mix Metals Carefully

If you want to mix the metals of your rings, then you can. You just need to do so carefully. Doing this too much can leave you looking garish and tacky. I suggest wearing the metals on different fingers so that they don’t clash too much. I usually like to play it safe when it comes to metals; silver is my favourite. Just don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t mix them!

Choose One Statement Ring

No matter what look I’m going for, I like to choose at least one statement ring to set the whole look off. I’m in love with my moonlight Drusy ring from Bloody Mary Metal, and I have a chunky Pandora ring that I always get compliments on. The designer rings at Whiteflash are good examples too. You can wear more than one if you dare, it’s just a case of playing with your placement and getting the balance right. Wearing multiple statement rings is an option but it might take some time to create a look that works. Think of it as a form of art!


Invest in Some Plain Pieces

Plain pieces help to make up the foundation of my ring styling efforts. I don’t spend much on these; a set from Topshop will do. I have plain silver bands that just help to finish the look off when I’ve put on all of my statement rings.

Midi Rings are a Must

Midi rings are a must, as they help to add depth to a look. Wearing rings at different points on the finger always looks really cool and interesting.

Don’t Neglect Your Thumb

Thumb rings are making a comeback, so don’t neglect your thumb if you feel it’ll enhance the look. I love the way a nice thumb ring looks alongside my other rings and even on its own!

Wear More Than One on One Finger

You don’t need to stick to one ring per finger. You could wear a ring at the base and a midi ring on the same finger. You could even wear 3 of them at different points if you have the right sizes. Then there are stacking rings that you can play with to your heart’s content!

Mix Up Some Semi Precious Stones

Mixing up coloured stones like turquoise and rose quartz can add some fun to your look; perfect for festivals and holidays! I used to be obsessed with semi precious stones when I was younger, so I love having jewellery that includes them in the design.

All of this information can be a lot to take in, so make sure you take a look on Pinterest and Instagram for some inspo. With a little practice, you’ll love creating your own ring arrangements!