Emjoi Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher Review


If you love making your nails look pretty like I do, you’ll love this! As soon as I saw the Emjoi Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher advertised I was intrigued. I immediately felt compelled to treat myself ( as per) but decided to look up other reviews to give me an idea of whether it was worth the money first.

After using it only once I can confirm that it’s definitely worth the cash! Instead of painstakingly buffing my nails with a manual buffer, I can now do it so much quicker and better! I’m so impressed with the way it gave my nails a glass like shine. I don’t think my after picture does it justice. It looked as if I had a clear polish on my nails!

The gadget itself is easy to set up and use by reading the instructions provided. The only thing I’m worried about is how long the attachments last, as you need to buy replacements eventually and I’d rather not do that too often.

When I bought this there was £10 off, taking it from £39.99 to £29.99. If you’re thinking of buying this for yourself or somebody else, just go for it. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Here’s why buffing your nails should be an essential part of your nail care routine:

  • It improves blood circulation to the nail bed, helping your nails to look a healthy pinkish colour, rather than white.
  • As circulation is improved, nails are encouraged to grow faster.
  • It smooths out the ridges on the nail bed giving a shiny, smooth, glass like finish.
  • It gives you the perfect base for polish application, helping it to last longer.
  • You can afford to go without polish if you like to show off your natural, pretty nails.
  • You can prevent peeling and reduce the appearance of imperfections.

Just be aware that all of the above only applies if you’re using the right products to buff your nails. If you’re using something too gritty, you’ll damage your nails. If you buff them too often, even with this electric nail polisher, you’ll thin them out and damage them. Make sure you’re sensible and find out what you should be doing first!





* The after picture makes my hand and nails look really gross. In my defence I’d completed a 10k Scorpion Run the day before and had been covered head to toe in mud. I’d also just taken off a dark polish so that might be why my nails look a bit stained. I can only assume that the brown dot on my palm in the second picture is chocolate. Please don’t judge me!

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CND Vinylux – Steel Gaze



Here’s another CND Vinylux post for you – hope you’re not getting bored of them yet because there are more to come! I wish I could do some more OOTDs but I haven’t really been out lately and I like to dress in my comfies when I’m home (old jeans and a oversized jumper). The weather doesn’t help!

This colour, ‘Steel Gaze’, has been my fave so far and it lasted the longest, about 5-6 days with only a few chips. Good going considering I type all day long for a living! It may have had something to do with the fact I prepped my nails properly this time. I made sure I used a cuticle cream, pushed them back, and then cleaned and buffed my nails thoroughly.

The colour is a really nice Christmassy colour, so I’ll be wearing it over the festive season.

What will you be wearing on your nails this Christmas?

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