Evil Eye and Arrow


Hello my pretties! I bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, haven’t you? Or not, whatever. In case you were wondering, I went on holiday to the fabulous Las Vegas for a week, and have been severely jetlagged since I got home. I’m sure you’re playing a tiny violin for me right now. Anyhoo, It’s about time I got this show back on the road!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I received my very first ‘blogger mail’ just before I went away. How exciting! This post is about just that: some gorgeous handmade jewellery I received from the talented Megan at Megan’s Beaded Designs. I just love the unique pieces on her site, but these two are definitely my fave! Just LOOK at this ‘Evil Eye Ring’ from the ‘Evil Eye Collection‘. When I opened the box my heart did a little flutter – it’s just the right amount of cute/weird. I could stare into the evil little eye all day. I love wearing things that are a bit different, and this ring definitely did it for me!

The arrow earrings are really cool too! I pop them in whenever I have my hair up and I instantly feel fiercer – if that’s a word. A bit like Katniss from The Hunger Games. Don’t mess with me (hehe)!

These two are now firm favourites in my ever-growing jewellery collection!






Barry M Aquarium Collection Nail Paint Review – Arabian




 When I found this little beauty in River Island, I just had to buy it. The lid of the bottle has scales printed on it, and the colour glistened in just the way I imagined a real mermaid’s tail would. It paints nicely on to the nail, and doesn’t take very long at all to dry. Just make sure you use smooth, straight painting motions so the finished effect of the polish is flawless. When on the nail, it has hints of blues, yellows, and greens. I wore it to a wedding with my yellow Kate Moss dress and it looked perfect! At only £4, you can hardly complain. I did however, use a little trick to make sure that the polish lasted as long as possible without chipping. I used my gel polish lamp to cure a gel base coat, then painted 2 coats of the regular polish over the top. I waited patiently for it to dry, when I then applied a gel top coat and used the lamp to cure. I’m a genius, I know! This doesn’t last as long as gel polish, but it still went a good 5 days without chipping. Even then, there were only a few tiny chips that you could barely notice! They still look pretty good after a whole week of wear and tear, but I’m going away on holiday tomorrow so I’m re-doing them in trusty black Shellac!

What do you think of Barry M’s Aquarium Collection?