Clueless With a Grunge Twist






20140706-221231-79951454.jpgBonjour! I decided to wear this outfit shopping to Walsall. Although I’d normally wear something much comfier and scruffier, I tried this on and liked it. I am absolutely in love with these shoes at the moment, and they are so comfortable! I’ve had my camo jacket for a while and still like to throw it on, although I’ve considered customising it a bit to funk it up. I’ve already put a few pin badges on it featuring John Lennon and the Stone Roses, but I’m not sure what else to do…hmmm? I’ve also decided that I want a new, more luxurious looking backpack. This one is just a tad too grunge-ified for me now, although I can’t bring myself to part with it.

T-shirt dress – Reversible T-shirt from Hotmess Clothing last year.

Camo Jacket – From Topshop last year.

Backpack – From New Look ┬álast year.

Flatforms – River Island.

I’ve just realised; I buy new clothes all the time yet nearly everything I’m wearing here was bought last year…lol!

Let’s play a game…can you spot the hair extension? I failed to hide one properly in one of the pics – oops!

P.s. I know this is nothing like anything worn in ‘Clueless‘…I just look a bit clueless in the pics. Ha!

How to Dress Like a 14 Year Old Boy (with pictures)




Today I planned to take my dog a walk with Joe, but he was so naughty that I had to bring him home. The dog was very upset that Joe ruined his walk! Ha, jokes – the dog was the naughty one really (for a change). Joe told me that this outfit made me look like a 14 year old skater boy – I was totally fine with that.

Faux Leather Joggers – Topshop.

T-shirt – River Island.

Hat – Camden Market. On the back it says ‘Obey’ although I assume it’s fake.

Do you like dressing like a 14 year old boy, or is it just me?