White Collar Boxing Black Tie Night Out








Today I thought I’d blog about this playsuit that I bought for a black tie event last weekend. I first saw it a few months back on the gorgeous Jourdan Dunn, but didn’t have a good reason to buy it or try it on. Then last weekend, my boyfriend and I had a black tie event (a white collar boxing night for charity) to attend so I decided to find something nice to wear – enter this sexy black playsuit.

It’s so flattering, and Topshop do it in lots of different colours (I think a tropical pattern too). I love it! I wore it with my ‘mermaid’ bag that shines different colours in the light, and my baby pink heels to add a just a smidge of colour.

I kept my jewellery simple, wearing just my Marc Jacobs¬†‘Baker’¬†watch and Pandora ring.

Playsuit – Topshop.

‘Mermaid’ bag – River Island.

Heels – New Look.

Of course I was stressing for a while about what to wear, like any normal female would (I use the term ‘normal’ loosely). There were some ladies there dressed up in full on evening gowns, but I don’t think they’re my ‘thing’ anyway!

What would you wear to a black tie event?

P.S. Can you tell I’ve been having fun with different apps? Hence why there are so many of me in this post!

Chocolate and Banana protein ‘Ice Cream’



I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better picture of this, but I was in such a rush to eat it (and didn’t even wipe my hands, as you can see from the left over powder on my thumb)! Ha! It’s so simple to make and totally good for you, yet it tastes like a really naughty treat – perfect for when you’ve got a craving. It’s makes a fab post-workout treat too, as it contains over 20 grams of protein per serving. The following recipe serves two people (or just one if you’re feeling hungry):

You’ll need:

1 Frozen Banana.

1 Regular Banana.

Chocolate Protein Powder – mine is Total Protein from My Protein.

Simply blend together your frozen and regular banana until it has a nice, smooth consistency. Add your protein powder bit by bit until you’ve mixed in as much as you need. That’s it! I topped mine with some 85% dark chocolate buttons I had left in the cupboard, but you could experiment with your own ingredients. I considered adding some organic peanut butter, but thought I’d leave it as it was this time.

Let me know what you think!