Cheer up with your get-up

Have you heard of ‘dopamine dressing’? This useful trend is all about dressing to improve your mood. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as sprinkling some colour into your wardrobe, or wearing shirts with happy slogans on to cheer you and the people around you up. But is it really that simple?



How colour helps

The power of colour psychology is hugely influential to fashion. Studies have shown that different coloured objects and clothing can have different effects on individuals. In one study, students were presented with a coloured participant number that was either red, green or black. Results showed that students who were given a red number scored a significant 20% lower than those who presented with a green or black number.

In a similar way, colour has been shown to impact how people view others wearing that colour:

  • Red — demonstrates power and a strong social status, as well as gives the wearer more confidence. It can indicate good health and financial stability, too.
  • White — perceived to be the least arrogant colour and gives the impression that the wearer is optimistic.
  • Black — gives the impression of self-assurance and intelligence.

Does it affect sports performance? Researchers have discovered that red can lead people to act with greater speed and force. And, studies showed that sports teams dressed in mostly black kits, were more likely to receive penalties.

So, colour can impact our mood in a negative or a positive way. So, what about when it comes to dressing for your own happiness?

Your own happiness

Most of it is down to what you personally link to happiness. Take colour connotations and cultural differences, for example. Like the colour red? In China, this hue is a symbolism of good luck, yet in Africa it’s associated with death. Interestingly, in the African nation of Nigeria, it has connections with aggression and vitality.

For example, if you associate the colour red with energy, then wearing a red going out dress for a night on the town will likely make you feel energised, or how about a men’s shirt worn oversized? This idea is supported by one experiment involving a coat. Here, participants were all handed the same white coat — the only difference was that some were told it was a painter’s coat, and others were told it was a doctor’s. When asked to complete tasks, results revealed that those who were told it was a doctor’s coat performed better. It’s likely that the connotations that they associated with a professional uniform were more positive and motivational than those associated with the painter’s coat.

Power-dressing shows another way clothing can influence. Some women feel more confident in trouser suits or skirt and jacket combos when surrounded by men who are donning a similar outfit in the form of a three-piece suit.

By taking the time to consider how garments make you feel, you’ll be able to put together a real power-outfit!


Clothes that are great for your shape

Nothing boosts your mood like looking and feeling great. Here are some tips for perfectly dressing your body shape:

  • Pear-shaped — if you have a pear-shaped frame, you carry weight mostly in the lower areas of your body. You can elongate your legs with a straight or bootcut jean. Avoid high-waisted trousers though, as these can make you look shorter.
  • Apple-shaped — this is where you carry weight around the middle. Bring focus to your legs with a straight-leg trouser and pair with heels.
  • Petite — it can be hard to find clothes that don’t overpower you if you’re petite. High-waisted trousers and crop tops are good if you’re this size, as they can create the illusion that you’re taller and show off your small physique!
  • Tall — if you want to extenuate your legs even further, you should go for a low-rise trouser with a skinny leg.


Clearly, the look and feel of the clothes you wear can impact your mood. Putting colours and shapes aside, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable in the clothes that you wear. This will ensure your confidence shines through — a guaranteed mood booster!

Can You Really Turn Back The Clock With Botox? Everything You Need To Know!

It is the reality, though as harsh as it may be, that all of us, sooner or later, will end up old. This undoubtedly scares the heck out of many of us and the reason behind our inability to accept the fact of ageing is simple – we’re all terrified to lose our once unblemished looks. Yes, we’re frightened to wake up one day and find an all wrinkled up reflection of our once spotless faces in the mirror. Deteriorating looks is something that has driven a lot of people to the verge of depression. Nobody can be blamed here since all – whether they say it or not – would always want to look young. The question we need to be asking, however, is whether there is any need to be sad about wrinkles and other lines that appear on our faces as years pass by.


Well, the answer is probably a big, fat no, since – surprise, surprise – science has been developing at tremendous paces. It hasn’t disregarded the beauty industry, allowing for creation of a wide variety of injectables that help conceal the aforementioned signs of ageing. And among these many treatments stands out: Botox.

In a nutshell, Botox is a safe, minimally invasive treatment that helps smooth out those wrinkles that appear when one moves their face (such as when one smiles or frowns). And interestingly enough, it’s extraordinarily easy to get Botox treatments all over the world. Well, say, you are looking into Botox NYC options. What can you do? Easy-peasy – Google Botox NYC and get hundreds of Botox NYC clinics with their corresponding Google reviews. Picking one wouldn’t be an arduous task – some of the clinics, such as Miracle Face MedSpa, have great ratings and are located at the heart of the city.

Of course, some people are wary of having botox and don’t like the idea of having something injected into their face. It may not be right for everybody, but let’s look into some of the ins and outs of Botox below: 

What is it in the first place and how does it work?

Botox is an injectable and is based on a substance called Botulinum. This substance was discovered a long time ago but its ability to treat wrinkles and other facial lines was revealed comparatively recently.

Botox works in a very interesting way – that is, in the so-called minimally invasive manner. Let’s think about this: Botox is injected into the area that has wrinkles around it and what it does when injected is it freezes the muscles responsible for creating those wrinkles. Yes, you’ve read it right! The substance doesn’t spread through your body; instead, it treats your wrinkles locally. And it doesn’t need to be spread because as it was mentioned earlier Botox’s principle rests in freezing the muscles that create wrinkles.

Botox is not something that ‘fills’ your lines. It simply stops muscles that create the lines from working. Filler is used to fill lines, and is used on people with deeper set wrinkles.


Safe, or…?

Evidence suggests that it is. The most important public health organization in the United States – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – concluded that Botox is safe after performing a sizeable number of clinical trials in 2002.

Apart from FDA’s approval, one can rely on simple logic to conclude FDA is safe. The substance at the heart of Botox – Botulinum toxin – was discovered back in 1820 by a German medical officer named Justinus Kernel. Now think about this – Botulinum toxin has been around for almost 200 years. This means that doctors and scientists all over the world have had more than enough time to research this substance in and out. So should you be worried about your Botox treatments? The answer is no, providing you are being treated by a very experienced injector who can tailor the treatment to suit you.

Bear in mind that it’s always advisable to consult with your doctors before receiving Botox injections. You might be allergic to this substance and only your doctor can clearly give you recommendations based on your medical records.

How many people have used it?

Botox is the most popular beauty treatment in the States. It’s been reported that over 11 million Americans have used it to smooth out wrinkles on their faces. The Internet is full of before vs. after photos that can show you what botox can do for you. 

Does it hurt?

Many people feel a bit overwhelmed by the procedure because they think it’s going to hurt them. However, patients have been consistently reporting that Botox injections hurt no more than the bite of a tiny mosquito.

If you detest getting old and want to turn back the clock, botox could be an option. Before having a treatment, always find an experienced injector, never go on price alone, research pros and cons yourself, and have an in depth consultation. Do it for yourself, and not for anybody else!