A Checklist for every new tanning salon owner

In the United Kingdom, it can be extremely difficult to get a tan once the winter months arrive. By opening a tanning salon, you can provide an inexpensive option for people in your community looking to get that soft brown glow without having to book a pricy holiday. However, like any new business, there are a number of important factors that need to be considered before you open your doors. Here is some advice to get you started.


Starting with the Basics

Be sure to research the industry before simply jumping into it. You don’t want to buy a property without fully understanding what buildings would be the best to hold the tanning beds and would be big enough to house clientele. Feel free to go around different tanning salons to take mental notes of their designs and marketing plans. Keep a close eye on how they direct safety in the buildings, any notices they have put up, their cleanliness and how the staff treat their customers.

Protecting yourself

Before you even think of opening your doors, you need to think of how to keep your business protected from any claims from future customers in regards to faulty products, UV ray dangers or even a bad sunburn case. With more than 100 people dying a year due to sunbed faults, it’s important to keep an eye on all of your products, whilst also investing into insurance. Problems can even happen in regards to a spray tanning session, so it would even be wise to invest into Spray Tanning Insurance. As your business is new then you want to protect it as much as possible, thus it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if a client comes forward claiming that you have damaged their skin.

Will you hire a cleaner?

It’s important to keep your tanning beds clean and tidy, as you do not want your clients to lie on a booth that has just had someone else on it. Due to this, it is important to hire the correct staff to handle the machinery, the front of house and even just cleaning up from the previous client. Not only does the inside of the tanning booth need to be constantly cleaned, but the outside will need to be cleaned once a month. A clean outer face of the shop will give your customers confidence that you care about your business. Make sure your staff care about it too and you give them the correct training to have them working for you.

Small Things Matter

Although the tanning beds are the most important part of the salon, you need to consider how you will personalise the shop. You may want to consider setting up a small shop inside to sell personalised tanning goggles or tanning accelerants. As shared goggles will need to be cleaned after every session, it is certainly worth considering selling personalised goggles to avoid extra work. Most companies even mark up their stock by 80-100% just to make some extra money.

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own tanning salon, bear this advice in mind! 

Party Dress Trends: Choosing the Perfect Dress

What sets a party dress apart from all the rest? Cocktail dresses are specially suited for an evening event, like a cocktail party, wedding reception, work Christmas party, or bachelorette party. They’re knee length but come in all kinds of styles, each appropriate for its own purpose.

Embellishments make them elegant, and when paired with the right jewelry, they help you stand out and make an impression. Lately, cocktail dresses grow in popularity with the party crowd, and while they didn’t start out that way, they still help you embrace your unique femininity, unlike any other dress.

If you shop smart, you can find a party dress that’s versatile enough to suit all of these needs. You can accessorize differently depending on the event, and it’ll make a completely different look each time. You’ll look both elegant and stylish.


Size and Fit

Pick a dress that fits and enhances your best features. Accentuate your curves and hide your flaws. You can show off your arms and shoulders with an off-the-shoulder dress or choose something with detail to draw attention away from your waist.

Classic Dresses

If you want to build up your cocktail dress collection, start with the classics. A little black dress is a staple. Lace is also swanky and never goes out of style. You can’t go wrong with something simple, but if you already have the basics taken care of, keep reading for more ideas.


Party dresses deserve some bling. Look for unique features like embellishments, sequins, or prints to spice up your look. One-shouldered dresses make a bold statement. The details make the dress, and that’s what will really make you sparkle at the next party.


Your job isn’t over once you buy the perfect party dress. You can add your own style and personality by accessorizing appropriately. You can use different accessories every time you wear the dress to add character and reinvent it time after time.

Less is more, but you still want to stand out. Off-the-shoulder dresses deserve chunky chokers, one-shoulder dresses need bracelets on the bare arm, and sparkling dangles look great with a sheath dress.

Get creative and experiment with different looks to see which one garners the most compliments and makes you feel the best. You can achieve the exact look you want, even if that’s a different look for every party.


Due to the short nature of party dresses, your legs and your shoes will get a lot of attention. The right pair of shoes can make or break your look. Stilettos always go great with a cocktail dress and nude pumps match most outfits, no matter the color.

If you’re not into plain, try a leopard print pump or something with daring rhinestones. You can complete your look and confidently strut your style for your next party.

Get ready for your next party now. Fill your closet with cocktail dresses so you’ll have the perfect one when the time comes. And don’t fret, you’ll get plenty of use out of them, even if you just plan a girls night on Saturday!